“This is my dream home.”

This puts you at a disadvantage in negotiations.

“That couch (lamp, table) is awful.”

Don’t be critical of someone else’s decorating.

“I can afford to spend $ number of dollars.”

This limits your negotiations.

“I can’t wait to get rid of that…”

Insulting something in the house will turn off a seller very quickly.

“Why are you selling?” 

This can be an invasion of privacy. You don’t want to put the seller on the defensive.

“What is it like to live here?”

It is better to ask, “what’s your favorite thing about living here?”

“The price is too high.”

People often believe that something is more valuable then what it really is but you shouldn’t be the one to tell them.

“If I offer [insert $ amount], will you accept?”

Do not give a low ball offer and ask if they will accept because they will quickly disregard you as a buyer.

The bottom line?  Be a poker player.  Keep your cards close to your chest and increase your chance of winning. Contact me for more tips on how to approach a seller or realtor.