Builders Spend More

 NATIONAL MARKET UPDATE  Residential construction spending headed up 0.9% in April, and is now 18.4% ahead of a year ago. Spending on new single-family home building gained 0.5%, while new multifamily spending increased 0.8%.The national Case-Shiller Home Price Index saw record increases of 2.6% in March, and 20.6% annually. The FHFA index of prices for… [Read More]

Budgeting for a Baby?


Babies bring joy and excitement. They also bring substantial adjustments to the family budget! According to U.S. News and World Report, after adjusting for inflation, it costs about $267,233 in 2021 dollars to raise a baby to age 18 (based on previously published Bureau of Labor Statistics data). That’s a daunting number, to be sure…. [Read More]

Things to avoid saying in front of a Seller


“This is my dream home.” This puts you at a disadvantage in negotiations. “That couch (lamp, table) is awful.” Don’t be critical of someone else’s decorating. “I can afford to spend $ number of dollars.” This limits your negotiations. “I can’t wait to get rid of that…” Insulting something in the house will turn off… [Read More]