What is a Conventional Loan?

Conventional loans are mortgage loans offered by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and not guaranteed by any government agency.  Fannie and Freddie have their own specific underwriting guidelines that they follow and are the largest investors of conventional loans.  They offer fixed and adjustable rate loans.  Lincoln Mortgage Solutions LLC offers conventional mortgages throughout Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

While many people think that you're required to put down 20% to purchase a home that isn't really correct.  Fannie and Freddie have excellent programs with as little as 3% down subject to obtaining mortgage insurance.  The minimum credit score requirement is 620 and the maximum debt to income ratio can be up to 50% of your gross income.   With the addition of the new product by Fannie Mae called RefiNow you can now refinance at a low, low rate and have a debt to income ratio as high as 65%!  As long as you have been paying your mortgage payment on time this is a great opportunity to lower your monthly payment!

First Time Homebuyer Programs

Fannie Mae offers HomeReady and Freddie Mac offers HomePossible.  Both programs allow a 3% down payment and each will let you get help with your down payment and closing costs thru a Down Payment Assistant (DPA) program.  Check with me for details.

Benefits of Conventional Loans

The main advantage of a conventional loan is that the borrower can avoid paying the upfront mortgage insurance and the monthly mortgage insurance of an FHA loan and when your home reaches 80% loan to value you can request the mortgage insurance be removed.

Conventional Loan Limits

Each county has a maximum loan amount available under this program.  Check with me for details.

Get Pre-Approved for a Conventional Loan

If you are looking to purchase a home or refinance an existing property, contact Lincoln Mortgage Solutions LLC at (201) 405-2187 for more information, or simply fill out the form on this page.  We respond within 24 hours!