Borrowers Options to Avoid Foreclosure



Options that may be available to borrowers who are unable to afford their mortgage payments and wish to avoid foreclosure are available below, along with instructions on how to access such options:

  • If your loan has not matured, you may bring your loan current by providing funds to pay any delinquent obligations.
  • The United States Department of Housing and Development (HUD) funds free or very low-cost housing counseling on a nationwide basis. Housing Counselors can help you understand the law and your options. They can also assist you in organizing your finances as well as represent you in any negotiations with your lender should you need such assistance. You can call (800) 659-4287 or TTY (800) 877-8339 to find a HUD-approved Housing Counselor near you.
  • You may also find alternatives on the HUD website ( including informative articles such as “Avoiding Foreclosure”.
  • Refinancing your property might be an option. Depending on your financial situation, you may not be able to refinance your loan with your current lender or with another lender. There is no guaranty that you will qualify for a refinance of your mortgage, so please consider all of your options.
  • Selling your property prior to a foreclosure might be a viable option, especially if you have equity, but where the current fair market value of your property is less than the amount you owe on your loan, the lender might agree to a “short sale”. In a “short sale” the lender agrees to allow your home to be sold for less than the amount of the loan balance. Remember that time is important so you may want to investigate this option, and any other, immediately.
  • A Deed-in-Lieu (whereby the property is deeded over to the lender in lieu of foreclosure), provided that you do not have a junior lien or another cloud on title might also be an avenue. Explore this option immediately if you have been unable to sell the property on your own.